Hit the stage and let your talents shine at our 3rd Annual Hip Hop Dance Competition!
Our Hip Hop Dance Competition will feature a wide variety of performers in 3 different divisions: Adult, Junior, and Exhibition. The Adult Division will win a cash prize of $1000 and the Junior Division will win a cash prize of $500.
























Hip Hop Dance Competition Application

Team Name:

Number of Crew Members:


Choose Division:

Director/Captain Name:

Primary Phone Number:


A $10 deposit per performer is required for competition.

Adult Division Prize: $1000 Youth Division Prize: $500 Competition Registration Fee: $10 Per Dancer Exhibition Entries: (free) Set time: maximum6 minutes Set music: Keep in mind it is a family oriented event. No harsh profanities! (If your unsure, please contact apfhiphop@gmail.com) Registration open now until May 1st. Spaces are limited.

What better than soaking up some summer sun, feeling the ocean breeze, and dancing with your fellow talented dancers? This special outdoor venue lets you do just that. The best part about it, is being able to experience this with our beloved dance community.Our main focus is for everyone to enjoy themselves as we celebrate the raw talent presented, and appreciate its unique creativity.This year we are welcoming competition as well as exhibition teams to join us as we promote cultural awareness through arts, music, and DANCE.


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