October 22, 2016 2-5 PM

We encourage intellect, beauty, and grace in young Asian women to represent the community.

Miss Asian Pacific Foundation is a prestigious pageant held annually at the Asian Pacific Festival. This scholarship pageant helps young women to achieve their academic goals and to be more involved with the Asian community through various community service projects. More than just a beauty competition, Miss Asian Pacific Foundation Pageant and its participants will help bring a unique sense of participation and opportunity to everyone around them.

Participants will be able to gain poise and confidence, hone interviewing and public speaking skills, create focused career goals and paths, and lastly, make many new friends along the way. Additionally, there will be mentors who are standing by to help guide every step of the way. Mentors will not only assist participants to prepare for the competition, but also for a successful career future. In addition, workshops will be provided for participants to achieve success in areas such as stage etiquette, camera works, catwalk, and many more!

The Pageant Winner, Miss APF will receive $1500 cash and lots of other gifts.  This is an exciting opportunity to create a wondrous and lasting impact on the community and your careers.



Pageant Rules

Requirements:25%-100% of Asian-Pacific descent.
Age of 16-27.
Must have at least 1 talent.
Must be a current or graduated student (show of proof).
Must be able to show: cultural wear and evening gown.
Must be able to participate in the group dance.
English:Understand English/Fluency not required
Marital Status:Never married / never had a child
Capabilities: Must be able to walk in heels, actively move around, stand on feet for more than an hour, speak, see, hear. MUST BE IN GOOD HEALTH.
Drop-outs:Once top 15 has been announced, dropping out is omitted unless with official emergency documentation and APF president's approval
Criminal History:No criminal history- will have background check
Relations:Must not be in any form of relationships with an APF director(s), committee or judges
Application Fee: There will be an application fee of $50 when registering to be a contestant.
Rights:APF has the rights to all contestants names, titles, photos, videos, recordings, any form of publications for advertisements and future uses.
Winners of Miss APF, may not use the title without the consent of the APF President.
Crown/sash:Crown will be under property of the current Miss APF.
Sash will remain under property of the winner. Each winner will have their own winning sash.
Contestant Name

Ethnic Origin


D.O.B. (mm/dd/yyyy)






Parent or Legal Guardian Name if under 18

School Name

Grade Level

Club/Group Memberships

Awards & Recognitions

Talents & Hobbies

Ambition for the Future

Upload 3 Individual Pictures of Yourself

Meet the 12 Pageant Finalists for 2015